5 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Coconut Grove Home

Jacqueline Gallardo  |  September 20, 2022

5 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Coconut Grove Home
If you’re getting ready to list your home in Coconut Grove, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially if you want to maximize the number of offers you receive. Follow these five tips to ensure you get top dollar for your property.

1. Research the Coconut Grove real estate market

One of the best first steps homeowners can take when listing homes for sale in Coconut Grove is to get to know the local market. Is demand high for homes in your neighborhood? What kinds of homes are selling the quickest or receiving the most offers? More detailed insights into the Coconut Grove real estate market can only come from an experienced real estate agent who knows how to analyze current trends and synthesize information from recent sales.

Overall, Coconut Grove isn’t a highly competitive market, though the hottest properties can sell for over the listing price. Many sell for just slightly below the asking price. It’s important to know where prices and demand are right now so you can strategize how to price and market your home before listing it for sale. You can think through how long your home might be on the market and how much you could realistically get for it. From there, you can work with your real estate agent to determine how to bring in the highest number of offers.

2. Prepare your home accordingly

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In a market that isn’t too competitive, it’s essential to make your home stand out as much as possible. With most buyers viewing homes for the first time online, preparing your home for sale means putting together a strong and captivating listing page. Homes for sale in Coconut Grove that make good use of professional services like home staging and photography sell faster and for more money than those that do not. To ensure your listing attracts the most buyers, consider the following ways in which you can prepare your home.

Complete any necessary repairs or upgrades

It’s not a bad idea to consider having your home inspected before listing. Although it’s usually the buyer's job to hire an inspector once their offer has been accepted, sellers can invite more offers by showing that they’ve had their property inspected.

Sellers can also use a home inspection to their advantage when completing repairs and renovations. An early inspection can help you spot issues that might dissuade buyers from putting in an offer. Once you know about them, you can address them ahead of time and present a move-in-ready home for sale.
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When you consider additional renovations, make sure you speak with your real estate agent about the changes that will increase your home’s value. If you’re okay with investing more resources, opt for full-room upgrades in the kitchen and main bathroom. Buyers in Miami place a high value on open floor plans, fireplaces, and new roofing, so if you’re able to make those changes, you might see more offers coming in.

Other popular features with local buyers include new tiling, security systems, and pool access. If you want to avoid large-scale renovations, modernizing outdated light fixtures, water features, and appliances is almost always guaranteed to boost your total equity. Even a fresh coat of paint on the walls or new window treatments can go a long way.

Hire a professional team of stagers and photographers

Of course, after you make changes to your home, you’ll want to show them off effectively. To do so, working with a team of real estate professionals experienced in home staging and photography is essential. Home stagers will help you clear out personal items that keep the space feeling like your own and bring in neutral pieces that will help buyers picture themselves living there. Professional photographers will capture your home from its best angles, showcasing its top features while presenting a complete picture of what buyers can expect from the property. Not surprisingly, staged homes can sell for as much as 20% more than unstaged homes, so it’s worth the investment if you want to bring in the maximum number of offers.

3. List at the right time of year

Real estate markets, like many other things, change with the seasons. Months like April, May, and June may be better times to sell than months like November, December, and January. Ultimately, you’ll want to list at the right time of the year to increase the offers you receive for your home. This is where your local real estate agent will be an invaluable resource. With years of experience in the area, they know when buyers tend to head to Miami to find properties and when the number of buyers starts to dwindle. You can put together a plan around when to start any repairs, when to book staging services, and when to publish your online listing.

4. Know what price to set

Along with knowing when to list, homeowners need to know what price to set to encourage buyers to make an offer. Demand, among other things, can influence median home prices from season to season. Your real estate agent will need to run a comprehensive comparative market analysis to ensure they’re setting your home at the perfect price. Those kinds of analyses consider what similar properties have sold for in your neighborhood. The right price is an essential piece of the puzzle, as an extremely high price will dissuade buyers from making an offer, and a meager price might make them wonder if something is wrong with your property.

5. Partner with a Coconut Grove real estate group

Ultimately, the best way to bring in more offers on your Coconut Grove home is by working with a local real estate group. The Jacquie Gallardo Group is a team of dedicated real estate professionals servicing clients in the stunning Miami market. Agent Jacquie Gallardo brings over 15 years of experience to clients looking to sell their South Florida homes for top dollar. So if you’re interested in learning more about how to prepare your home for sale, reach out to Jacquie Gallardo today.
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