7 things to look for when searching for homes in Key Biscayne

Jacqueline Gallardo  |  August 29, 2022

7 things to look for when searching for homes in Key Biscayne

If you are looking for a home overlooking or within minutes of the open sea, Key Biscayne has several such waterfront properties. Key Biscayne is undoubtedly one of Florida's most charming neighborhoods offering the allure of Miami fun and relaxation to both visitors and residents.

Key Biscayne is an island south of Miami Beach with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Biscayne Bay to the west. It is acclaimed for its excellent real estate, school district, public parks, hiking trails, and plenty of different things to do and see, making it a great place to live and have fun.

Our experts at Jacquie Gallardo Real Estate Group have compiled seven things to look for for anyone considering a move to Key Biscayne.

Pay attention to these parts of Key Biscayne real estate

Home environment

One of the essential questions home buyers ask is whether Key Biscayne is an excellent place to live. This laid-back, relaxing town boasts exclusive residential areas and waterfront homes that attract the world's wealthiest families and top real estate investors. Key Biscayne offers a high-end quality of life and social scene, including great beaches, national parks, the Crandon tennis courts, Crandon Golf, marinas, high-end restaurants, and bars, as well as a community center.


Another crucial thing to consider when purchasing a home in Key Biscayne is its location. Remember, the area of your home directly influences the quality of your life. Choosing a home with easy access to the amenities you need for daily living is crucial. Key Biscayne offers both waterfront and dry lot properties in various neighborhoods, and you want to be sure you are choosing one that fits your lifestyle. One of Key Biscayne's biggest calling cards is its proximity to multiple beaches such as Crandon Park Beach, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Virginia Key Beach Park, and Hobie Island Beach Park. Opting for a waterfront home is best if you want to be within walking distance of the beach. Generally, properties near the water tend to be a little more costly than the average home due to high demand. However, living by the water also has its own drawbacks. Florida is known for its severe hurricane season, which starts June 1st and runs all the way to November, and properties near the coast generally bear the brunt of these storms. A dry lot home away from any action is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the quiet of the suburbs.

Type of housing

There are several types of housing to consider in Key Biscayne, including houses, apartments, condos, and townhouses. Depending on your situation, any of these might be an excellent option. A critical factor that influences your choice is the size of your family. If you are single with no children, opting for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment or condo for sale in Key Biscayne might be best. If you have a family or plan to have one soon, it may be best to go for a larger space. Other factors to consider when choosing a housing type include:

  • The budget: One honest question to ask yourself is whether you can afford the type of house you want to buy or rent.
  • Rent or investment: Whether or not you are ready to invest in the property is a crucial factor to keep in mind. If you are at a point in life when you need to settle down long-term, consider investing in the property rather than sinking rent money for all those years.
  • Maintenance costs: You should also consider the costs that come with home ownership. If your income meets routine maintenance costs such as replacing major appliances and mowing the lawns invest in the property rather than renting.

The age of the house

You may want an old house with a rich history and the thrill of many years or a newer, more modern home with all the latest fixtures for comfortable living. Either choice has its benefits and drawbacks, depending on your viewpoint. Although they may be cheaper, old homes usually require additions and re-touch to make them fit for living. If your budget accommodates, you can go ahead with this choice.

Size of property surrounding the home

Remember your yard requirements can significantly determine where you can live. While some people like to have their own space, others don't mind living shoulder-to-shoulder with their neighbors. Depending on your preference, consider the size of the property that surrounds your prospective home. Luckily, Key Biscayne homes have plenty of plots of residential land, whether you need a quarter acre or more. If you need plenty of space to garden, throw backyard barbecues, or let out your dog, it may be best to go for a luxury home with adequate surrounding space of half an acre.

Which neighborhood to choose?

Once you narrow down your list of neighborhoods to meet your needs, including a budget, review each option to determine the one that best fits your lifestyle. Some things to help you during your research include:

  • Walkability: Determine whether you can reach certain locations by foot or if you need a means of transport to commute to and from various locations.
  • Commute times: Determine whether it is convenient or inconvenient to travel to your workplaces, schools, and grocery stores.
  • Vibe: If you want to live in the heart of the town, make sure you are okay with the thrilling lifestyle that comes with it. If you prefer a quieter neighborhood, find a home away from downtown.

Specific home features

Once you have selected homes that meet all or most of your conditions, it is time to review each home against the specific features they offer. Some of the things to consider at this point include:

  • Garage: Not every home in Key Biscayne has a garage since, in Florida, having a garage is not as common as in other places. Double-check with your realtor to make sure there is a garage if it is an essential feature to you.
  • Water damage: Water damage is common in places with hurricane seasons. As mentioned earlier, Miami has an extensive hurricane season, meaning properties in Key Biscayne can't escape being hit by at least one hurricane. Although Miami water damage doesn't always need a huge investment, it is best to do a home inspection before buying any property.
  • Wall paintings: Miami is home to several old houses that were covered with lead-based paint. Ensure the home you buy has no lead-based paint requiring extensive repair work and new paint.

Frequently asked questions about homes for sale in Key Biscayne

What amenities are found in Key Biscayne?

Key Biscayne is a place of luxury and world-class family-focused amenities. It is home to one of the best public schools in the USA, the best hospitals, leading financial institutions, and several other amenities and infrastructures only found in the largest cities. Other notable amenities that attract families and real estate investors include sandy beaches, nature preserves, restaurants, and a stunning seaside view. Unlike other markets, there are no fixed bridges, and all waterfront mansions get immediate and fast access to the open waters.

How self-sustainable is Key Biscayne?

You don't have to leave Key Biscayne for your daily activities. The Island offers several shopping centers and supermarkets like Winn-Dixie and The Golden Hog. It is also home to several banks, restaurants, parks, medical facilities, and both private and public schools. Key Biscayne K-8 Center (Grades Pk-8) is the Island's public A-rated school. There is also Mast Academy, serving grades 6-12.

Find the perfect living space in Key Biscayne today

Studies show Key Biscayne is the number one spot to live in Florida, and for good reason. This self-sustainable community features the attractions and amenities to make working and living a breeze. With all kinds of homes on the island, you are sure to find something that accommodates you regardless of your budget and preferences.

If you need help finding Key Biscayne homes for sale, the Jacquie Gallardo Group is ready to help. The Jacquie Gallardo Group are top Key Biscayne real estate agents with Sotheby's International Realty in Miami, FL. We leverage our extensive expertise in the real estate industry in Key Biscayne to deliver value for our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

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