Top 12 Things to do in Brickell

Jacqueline Gallardo  |  November 7, 2022

Top 12 Things to do in Brickell

Miami’s Financial District–a burg widely renowned for its Millionaire Dollar Row–melds industry with culture and entertainment to create one of the most vibrant parts of Florida’s famed city. Public art, lavish boutiques, gorgeous restaurants, boundless energy–Brickell positively thrums with excitement.
If you’re looking for Brickell real estate and wondering what the city has to offer, read on for the Jacquie Gallardo Group’s guide on things to do in this lively enclave.

Indulge in dinner and drinks at Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

Photo courtesy of Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita
The name alone draws flocks of people into Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita’s swank doors. Upstairs, you’ll find the Dolores side of things, where dinner can be relished in their spacious dining room or on their stunning, inviting patio. Plates here range from lobster quesadillas and skillet-hot cornbread with Wisconsin cheddar and whipped Irish butter to clam-topped Chilean sea bass. Post-nosh, head downstairs for Lolita’s swell selection of craft cocktails and Miami vibes.

Stroll around Mary Brickell Village

Postmaster-turned-real estate developer Mary Brickell, one of the founders of Miami, brought the Brickell district to life and loaned her name to the region in the process. Now, the village dedicated in her honor features some of the sweetest shopping in the Magic City. Jewelry trends are found in spades at Kelsey, while sophisticated threads fill the windows and rows at the village’s array of indie boutiques. Spice up your experience with libations and bites at Moxies Bar & Grill, where you can snack on maple-glazed Brussels sprouts and vegan potstickers while enjoying plenty of people-watching.

Peruse world-class art

Brickell is ranked the swiftest-growing neighborhood in Miami. In large part, this is due to the focus it pays on art. The district overflows with stellar galleries, including the Beaux Arts Gallery and Bojanini Art Gallery, two gems that present modern pieces in gorgeous settings. You’ll stumble upon public art at The Underline, too. Edny Jean Joseph’s “The Allegory” is particularly enthralling.

Savor a soccer game

Photo courtesy of Soccer Rooftop
Soccer on a roof? Why, yes–at the well-titled Soccer Rooftop, an immaculate outdoor turf tucked between the towering skyscrapers of the financial district. You can make reservations to have a field to yourself, watch a game, or even host a birthday party at this one-of-a-kind sports center.

Sip at Sugar

Miami has an utterly spectacular skyline, and it’s something that needs to be cherished, preferably with a handcrafted cocktail in hand at a glamorous lounge on the 40th floor of a high-end hotel. Sugar meets–and then exceeds–this criterion. The effervescent and award-winning venue has a lush, tropical feel, and the drinks and clientele match it. Nibble on decadent tapas like tuna tartare and cold soba noodles while sipping on a specialty libation, such as their alive-in-the-nighttime cocktail made with passionfruit, vanilla bean, and cognac.

Enjoy a flick in complete luxury

CMX Cinemas isn’t your standard movie theater. Luxe seats, craft cocktails, a full-service menu, and ample space–this is the perfect place to wait out a humid Miami day before resuming a night of bar hopping and shopping.

Find your zen

The bustle and bliss that is Brickell are certainly exhilarating, but nothing quite hits the spot like getting mindful for a few minutes. You’ll find this and more at Simpson Park Hammock, a slice of green in the midst of the vivacious city. Here, you will get a taste of what Miami resembled before it transformed into the international city it is today. The preserve–one of the first preservation efforts in Florida–flourishes with native plants, including Jamaica dogwood, wild cinnamon, gumbo limbo, and strangler fig. Under eight miles, it is also the ideal spot for an early-morning jog before Brickell rises.

Splurge on a shopping spree

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Brickell City Center is, well, the center of Brickell. Saks Fifth Avenue anchors one side of this 500,000-square-foot wonder, where shopping options range from Coach and Kendra Scott to Warby Parker and Zara. Splice up your spending adventure–and set down a bag or two–at one of Brickell City Center’s many restaurants, such as the wonderful Quinto la Huella, a Latin American hotspot that touts jumbo Gulf shrimp and octopus a la plancha as just two of the selections on their exceptional menu.

Bike through The Underline

Situated below the city’s Metrorail, The Underline is the initial phase of the proposed 10-mile park that will eventually heighten Brickell’s appeal even more. Also called “Brickell’s Backyard,” this area of the neighborhood offers residents and visitors a range of outdoor activities, including running, walking, yoga, and biking. Enjoy the promenade and a taste of Miami’s beloved sunshine.

Visit a historic landmark

Photo courtesy of Unsplash
Brickell may seem to be all glassy skyscrapers with a few (albeit splendid) green spaces, which makes the historic landmark at Brickell Point all the more alluring. The Miami Circle National Historic Landmark was added to the register of the nation’s notable places in 2002. It showcases a circle stretching 38 feet in diameter and features bedrock post holes that date back to 500 BCE. As an excellent reminder of the significant changes Miami has seen in the last several centuries, it pays tribute to the Tequesta people who once lived in this region.

Watch the sunset at Brickell Key Park

Photo courtesy of Unsplash
Brickell Key Park is a welcome reprieve in a perpetually buzzing city. Equipped with beautiful trees and inviting benches, it offers wonderful vistas of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay–a tropical lagoon that stretches across the Miami-Dade counties and into the Keys.

Be dazzled by dancers

Ostensibly, Brickell’s acclaimed Marion offers French fare with a twist as well as a raw bar and distinct sushi rolls that run the gamut, from spicy tuna with rock shrimp and mango to “torched at the table” Kobe creations. Come Thursday night, though, and the venue transforms into a place for prime entertainment: servers dance, DJs emerge, and high-pumping music fills the posh space. Deemed one of the best places in Brickell to kick off an early weekend, Marion is tremendously fun and just as memorable.
Intrigued by all that Brickell has to offer? The Jacquie Gallardo Group would heartily agree. The real estate mavens are huge fans of the area and all of Miami. If you are looking for homes for sale in Brickell, they are the team to call to streamline your experience and deliver satisfaction. Reach out today!

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