Top 6 Coconut Grove Restaurants

Jacqueline Gallardo  |  January 28, 2023

Top 6 Coconut Grove Restaurants

Residents love Coconut Grove for its strong community, beautiful tropical landscaping, and fine dining scene. Whether searching for a place to have brunch with friends or a high-end dinner for a special occasion, residents can find everything they need in Coconut Grove. When searching for Coconut Grove homes, don’t miss these six great restaurants.

1. Le Bouchon Du Grove

3430 Main Highway

Coconut Grove, Florida

Photo courtesy of Pexels

For an expert blend of South Florida and Lyon cuisine, Le Bouchon Du Grove is the best place for any meal of the day. Sit in the French-decorated interior, providing an inviting and relaxing atmosphere, or enjoy Coconut Grove’s beautiful weather on the covered front patio. This restaurant serves meals completely from scratch with fresh ingredients, ensuring the best flavors shine through.

Those visiting for breakfast or lunch can enjoy morning classics like their range of omelets with bold flavors or refined sandwiches like the beef filet “chainette.” Main dishes like the fresh steamed mussels or the beef tenderloin steak tartar provide a refined midday meal. Guests visiting for dinner can begin their meal with appetizers like the pico provençal Fromage, served with lamb jus and goat cheese. Main menu options like the homemade duck legs or the rack of lamb are prepared to perfection.

2. Sadelle’s

3321 Mary Street

Miami, Florida

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Originally opening in SoHo in 2016, Sadelle’s provides some of the best all-day dining in the area. Guests visiting for brunch will love the high-ceilinged interior and wooden beams draped in vegetation, as well as the warm lighting and beachy energy. Guests can also enjoy their meal under the restaurant’s large front patio, looking out onto the lush landscaping surrounding the entrance. Those seeking only the best Coconut Grove restaurants won’t want to miss out on this gem.

Those visiting after 11 am can order starters like the salmon rillette or the asparagus vinaigrette, along with a range of fresh and savory dishes to begin the morning. Classic plates like the eggs benedict provide hearty dishes, while fresh fish specialties like the house salmon or Sadelle’s Tower provide samplings from the sea. Fresh Trout Roe and Russian Osetra caviar are available to add to any dish for extra sophisticated flavor.

3. The Key Club

3015 Grand Avenue

Coconut Grove, FL

Located in the heart of Miami, The Key Club is one of the best places for a fine dining take on the American bar and grill. The lively and welcoming atmosphere is decorated with mid-century modern Brazilian influences but is ultimately inspired by the warmth of Coconut Grove’s community. Guests can dine on blue velvet booths lit by artistic fixtures from above or eat outside on large white furnishings, with sunlight cascading in from the covered front porch.

Those visiting for brunch on the weekends can enjoy sweet starters, like the sticky bourbon bun with candied pecan, before trying out the lobster benedict or the steak and eggs with chimichurri. The dinner menu is just as delicious, with standout appetizer options like the crab and artichoke dip. Entrees, like the ribeye with club steak sauce and the branzino with crispy capers, pair perfectly with this restaurant’s signature cocktails.

4. Ariete

3540 Main Highway

Coconut Grove, Florida

Photo courtesy of Pexels

With a Michelin Star attesting to the expertise of this Cuban-inspired cuisine, the fine-dining scene at Ariete is hard to beat. This restaurant highlights all the best ingredients Miami has to offer, preparing a range of seasonal dishes with classic French techniques. Those dining indoors can enjoy the calm yet welcoming atmosphere of its sleek wooden design. Guests can also sit on the warmly lit patio, decorated with vibrant hanging and potted greenery.

Dinner guests can begin with starters like the langoustine served with passion fruit jus or the wood-grilled oysters in bone marrow butter or sea urchin butter. For dinner, dates can enjoy the whole roasted truffle chicken for two served with marinated squash. Try options like the Wagyu short rib with oyster and short rib croquette. Don’t forget the cocktails, which have amazing options like the Jungle Book, which is a mezcal, lime, and pineapple mixture.

5. Peacock Garden

2889 McFarland Road

Coconut Grove, Florida

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

For a truly unforgettable lunch and dinner location, Peacock Garden provides dining in the middle of tropical greenery, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor seating. The garden isn’t just visually stunning but also helps to propagate native orchids in urban South Florida. With cuisine and cocktails inspired by the surrounding vegetation, those visiting will love this local hidden gem around Coconut Grove real estate.

Lunchgoers can enjoy easy-share options like the picnic board, featuring ingredients like burrata, pistachio mortadella, and apricot jam. A cold seafood bar is available, as well as entrees like the grilled seafood feast and the cowboy steak to share. The dinner menu reprises starters alongside new options like the pei steamed mussels in white wine. Pasta dishes like the pappardelle with short ribs and wild mushrooms are delicious, offering flavors to pair with cocktails like the Desert Rose or Groovy Grovite.

6. Planta Queen

3015 Grand Avenue

Coconut Grove, Florida

Putting plant-based dishes first, Planta provides a flavorful and imaginative take on the versatility and power of plant-based dishes. Focusing on sustainability, Planta uses local ingredients to source its dishes, leaning into seasonality and the natural availability of produce. Guests dining in will love the earthy interior décor and the elegant metal and white touches.

Those visiting for brunch can enjoy dishes like the breakfast futomaki, served with ahi watermelon and masago arare. The truffled scramble with shaved hearts of palm is a savory delight, while the ube mochi waffle provides something for sweet tooths. Start off lunch with sushi selections, like the unagi eggplant nigiri with truffle miso, before ordering a main dish of crispy gyoza dumplings.

Ready to dine in Coconut Grove?

There are plenty of great restaurants in Coconut Grove to explore. When you’re ready to live a little closer to these spots and check out Coconut Grove real estate, contact the experienced agents at the Jacquie Gallardo Group to guide you through the process.

*Header photo courtesy of Unsplash

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